Market & Advertise You Africa is an enterprise that grew from the inception of the passion of entrepreneurship in essence. On realizing there is so much talent in the thriving entrepreneurial sector and yet inefficient marketing, information technology accompaniments and informative platforms, MAYA sought to seal these loopholes by coming up with structured strategies and information sharing arenas.

We saw the need of forming a unified platform for entrepreneurs to share ideas, showcase their items, talent and creativity; network, access funds, strategize on policy formulation and thrive.

Our goal is not to peer through the local market only, but also to regional and international arenas.

Our focus is on the vast entrepreneurial scope ranging from creatives, agropreneurs, technopreneurs, passion mavens, solopreneurs and even freelancers in different category sectors.

The services we offer currently are:-

  • Business Consultancy
  • Marketing platform and services
  • Customer care advisory services
  • Networking- connecting like-minded entrepreneurs

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We are MAYA!!!


To peer and streamline market access in the local, regional and international market for existing and upcoming entrepreneurs in Africa.


To upgrade service levels to topmost standards, highlighting exclusive entrepreneurial opportunities and African talent changing the African narrative so as to ‘touch the heart of Africa’

Core Business Values

  • OPTIMUM CUSTOMER SERVICE – Our clients are our key essence and we care
  • QUALITY – Products and services keenly customized in order to meet clienteles needs
  • INFORMATION SHARING- Exchanging ideas in order to strengthen our brands
  • FUN-Creating a friendly, networking ambience to thrive
  • INNOVATION-We seek to constantly discover better products, methods and services to suit the ever changing environment
  • BUSINESS STORIES- We tend to incline our focus on the stories behind the businesses and personas in order to ultimately change the general African Narrative
  • NETWORKING- We believe linking up related business and clients creates faster growth and hence we intend to do just that