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I take good pictures and I have the body to match. That's what people have said for a long time. Only recently have I come to accept that all this is true. I want to model not just because I can but for a deeper cause. I have a condition known as primary lymphoedema. That means that my feet swell, but my left leg takes the brunt. So when you look at my feet that is what you will see. I have decided to take it in stride and live my life to the full inspite of it.

In the modelling world, beauty is superficial but I want to do more. I want to give a different interpretation to the word beauty. I want to tell the stories of designers and stylists using my body as a canvas but more so help women be more invested in their inner beauty. If the inside is at peace, the outside will follow.

I love edgy pieces and street fashion. The more outside the box it is, the better:)


Nairobi, Kenya
P.0 BOX 56065, 00100